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Here are some case studies on Guided Imagery offered by our members:

Charlotte Reznick, PsyD writes in her article “Chloe's Story: Inner Strength through Imagery” that finding strength starts within and gets to the heart of what Imagery (both guided and interactive) can accomplish - resiliency throughout life.

In “Peace Begins at Home," Dr. Reznick shows how using Imagination to connect with animal friends helps a child learn to find her own answers.

Kathryn de Planque, PhD helps teenage patients in pain distinguish between feeling pain and suffering.  In her article The Blue-Gown Senior Prom writes about healing with an Image of White Light.

Bev Hollander, RN and ImagiNews editor interviews Jennifer Strauss, PhD, Assistant Professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  The topic is the GIFT Study - Guided Imagery for Trauma (PTSD) in Women Veterans. The study is related to sexual trauma that occurred during military service.

Rose Ann Dichov, RN reports in The Living Room on her work with people receiving chemotherapy. Most she says were new to trying any form of self healing.

Kathryn Darlington, RN,BSN, CHTP, HTCP discovered that even a few seconds or minutes o Guided Imagery suggestion worked wonders for a patients with cancer in Shifting Perspectives

The Soldiers Story shows how very short imagery exercises tapped into the inherent healing potential of an old soldier, by by Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD.

Jake's_Story - How Imagery Resolved Sleeplessness and Severe Chronic Headaches in a 10 year old, by J. Kathryn de Planque, PhD.

Change Your Mind and link to the original article by Harise Stein, MD.

Patient Education: Using Relaxation and Guided Imagery for MS: Lowering Anxiety Associated with MS & MS Injections by Miriam Franco, MSW, PsyD, MSCS et al.

Patient Centered Imagery in Obstetrics by Harise Stein, MD.

Therapy With Victims Of Hurricane Katrina by Lendell W. Braud, PhD et al

Trust the Process by Jane Butterworth, BS, LMT, CHT, EFT-CC, CIIG.

Miriam Franco, MSW, PsyD, MSCS, Dr. Marie Cuddy-Casey, and Sheila Jimenez completed a pilot   Pilot Study Utilizing Relaxation & Guided Imagery for Male Youth in Transition.  Subjects came from Project Concern, a residential treatment program for pre-incarcerated male youth. Relaxation and Guided Imagery appear to be an effective means of improving sleep, focus and self confidence for.

Ellen Simon, M Ed, MS, LPC, BCIAC uses imagery to help a young girl resolve a Child's Mystery Illness

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