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Friday Evening Keynote: E.S. Gallegos, PhD and Mary Diggin, PhD
October 29, 2021, Time to be Announced

Aliveness: Transforming our Inner Relationships through Deep Imagery

We are living beings, filled with a multitude of Alivenesses. But often, our perspective is that much of who we are is mechanical or functional, un-alive. We have learned to approach our inner world through understanding rather than relating to it as vibrant, living, intelligent and capable of response and communication.

In this experiential session, Drs. E.S. Gallegos and Mary Diggin will explore the approach taken

in Deep Imagery which begins from the perspective that aliveness is foundational. By engaging the deep imagination, we have the opportunity to relate to, and communicate with, the many alivenesses within. Through the process of Deep Imagery, we can restore awareness of our own deep aliveness and nurture these vital inner relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with aspects of their aliveness through experiential deep imagery work.

2 Contact Hours provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (provider #16504) and continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Approval #138749. Out of state attendees seeking credit should check their state requirements to ensure California qualifications meet their State’s requirements. The conference will be recorded but you must attend the conference on the dates presented to earn CEs.

Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D is primarily engaged in training others in his approach to Deep Imagery. An author, former professor, and psychotherapist, Steve has broad experience in many fields. Introducing people to their inner guides as they rediscover the wisdom of the deep imagination is his main path in life.

Mary Diggin, Ph.D. is a Deep Imagery Trainer and mythologist. She is the developer of the Distance Learning Deep Imagery certification program. Mary's work reflects her interest in myth and her passionate understanding of the deep imagination as a holistic means of building relationships with Self and Other.

Seminars and Workshops for
Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, 2021 click here to print full list
Times to be announced

From Ego to Essence: Imagery as a Doorway to Spiritual Transformation with Eve Delunas, PhD

One important aspect of spiritual growth is to disengage from our ego selves—the “little me” within each of us that is all about judgment, comparison, separation, and fear—and to align instead with the light, love, higher wisdom, and infinite potential of our greater selves, our Spiritual Essence.

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Healing in Our Mother's Womb: The Temazcal in Curanderismo
with Caroline Ortiz, MPH, MSN, RN, NC-BC

Complementary and alternative medicine is growing in popularity and beginning to find more acceptance in allopathic medicine. In this workshop, Caroline Ortiz, RN will present a broad view of the traditional wisdom with origins in ancient Mesoamerica and health practices of curanderismo from Mexico.

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Deepening the Imagery Experience with Institute of HeartMath® Techniques with Elizabeth Page, BA, RRT

Many people who seek help to cope with daily life, experience excessive levels of mental chatter, emotional uproar, anxiety, anger, or helplessness. They have lost confidence in their ability to self-calm, make good decisions, or trust their own judgement. They lack a sense of comfort in their own bodies, and often experience chronic illness. Under these circumstance, peoples’ experience of life is overwhelming with no memory of a time when things were different.

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Transformational Leadership Meets Mental Imagery
with Randy Kasper, PhD LCSW BCD

We are living in a time surrounded by divisiveness while longing for community and connection. We hear a call for leaders who can inspire and motivate. For decades, leadership simply meant wielding authority. In recent years, greater wisdom has prevailed and Transformational Leadership (Burns, 1978) calls for vision, inspiration, and collaboration. An overview of leadership approaches will illuminate the unique gifts that mental imagery affords leaders.

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Forest Bathing: A Virtual Journey through Integrative Imagery
with Terry Reed, RN, MS

Research shows that both imagery and forest bathing are recognized as an effective disease prevention strategy that reduces stress and supports the immune system. In this workshop, led by Forest Nature Therapy Imagery guide, Terry Reed, we will renew and deepen our relationship to the more than human world of nature.  “The forest is the therapist, and the guide opens the doors.” The transformation comes as each participant responds with their own unique images,  sensations and healing to imaginal invitations and responses to what they notice.

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Some comments from last conference:

"Imagery International has so much to offer the world, it should be in the Front Page Headlines of every Health Magazine!"

"This conference is a must, filled with vital information and teachings. The experience was enjoyable and valuable. And the community was wonderful too."

"Imagery International is an organization of heart that goes deep! I am so grateful for II and imagery in general. It changed my life many years ago, and continues to do so. "

"This is the best place to get Continuing Education. The members are awesome kind and generous and the mind emotion body spirit are all accepted."

"The Imagery International  conference is as good as it gets! They are informative,  engaging and experiential and use vivid imagery and humor, to convey powerful and important messages. I have found a professional community  of like minds who bring healing , love , wisdom and grace to the future of humanity and a desire to make the world a better place. I always receive a healing at the conference and the connection with our tribe feeds my soul. It left me energized and looking forward to next years conference."

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