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Imagery International conference September 20-22, 2019


Upon completion of this workshop the participant will to able to:

Imagery and Pain with Priscilla Abercrombie, RN, NP, PhD

  • 1.    Evaluate the current research regarding the use of imagery as a healing modality for pain.
  • 2.    Describe mental imagery and the meaning patients ascribe to their pain.
  • 3.    Discuss the clinical risks, benefits, rewards and challenges of using  imagery for the treatment of pain and accompanying symptoms.

Science of the Senses and Imagination with Sondra Barrett, PhD

  • 1.    Explain the brain’s processing of information whether it is real or imagined.
  • 2.    Explore how the five physical senses augment the imagery experience.
  • 3.    Examine the role of imagery/imagination in neuroplasticity.

Your #1 Anti-Aging Ingredient Doesn’t Come in a Jar:  Using Imagery to Youthen with Eve Delunas, PhD, LMFT

  • 1.    Illustrate why and how imagery is so effective for dissolving subconscious limiting beliefs.
  • 2.    Develop ways to use imagery to positively impact how we age.
  • 3.    Experience an imagery exercise for actively restoring and regenerating biological processes in the physical body.

Exploring Imagery as a Way of Knowing with Mary Diggin, PhD

  • 1.    Describe how imagery operates as a way of knowing.
  • 2.    Examine their own way of knowing in order to increase their capacity to work more effectively and holistically with clients.
  • 3.    Develop more imagery skills through working with Deep Imagery techniques.

Embodied Wisdom-Mindfulness in Motion and Letting the Body Lead with Jayne Peterson, RN, BSN, NC-BC

  • 1.    Experience mindfulness and imagery through the practice of 5 Rhythms ÒMindfulness Movement.
  • 2.    Describe evidence-based benefits of Mindful Movement practices.
  • 3.    Identify at least one way to add Mindful Movement into daily life, personally and professionally.

Science and Imagery:  Tapping into Your Creative Power with Darlene Frank, BA

  • 1.    Describe at least 3 ways to use neuroscience findings to enhance creativity.
  • 2.    Practice a creative writing process that stretches your imagination.
  • 3.    Create original imagery that can train the brain to enhance creativity.

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