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December 17, 2020  Gratitude Practices to De-Stress for the Holidays, Marie Eastman
August 7, 2020   Imagery Roundtable with Susan Ezra, RN
July 1, 2020   Reimaging with Santosha Nobel, BA, CH
June 18, 2020   Imagery using Altered States with Nick Brink, PhD
June 21, 2020   Imagery Panel - click here for Glenda's handout
April 1, 2020   Approaches to Imagery with Mary Diggin, Ph.D. 
March 19, 2020   Preventing Corona Virus using Imagery
February 16, 2020   Imagery for Borderline Personality Disorder 
December 10, 2019   Feminine Wisdom Imagery - click here to email if you want this file
August 22, 2019   Richness of Dream Imagery 
February 20, 2019   Inner Critic: Adversary to Ally
May 6, 2019   Love's Mystery (MyStory) an Imagery of the Heart
March 21, 2019   Preventing Stroke using Guided Imagery
June 12, 2018   Healing Plantar Fasciitis with Imagery
January 24, 2018   Imagery Roundtable: New Year's Connections
July 19, 2017   Introduction to Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
March 22, 2017   A Free II Teleseminar on Compassion Fatigue
January 18, 2017   Teleseminar: Dynamic Public Speaking
September 06, 2016   Cinematherapy: A Transformative Catalyst
June 02, 2016   Transformative Imagery! A Talk with Leslie Davenport
March 08, 2016

  What are Afformations? featuring Susan Fox, Presenter

August 05, 2015    Health Coaching and Integrative Imagery Teleseminar
June 24, 2015   The Dance of Imagery & Reiki: A Meaningful Relationship

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